The Rumour
Paul Kooiker
Publisher: APE
ISBN: 9789493146488

Paul Kooiker’s fascination for voyeurism, shame and fetishism leads to series of images full of references to surrealism. This time the donkey plays a central role, also an important motif in the work of surrealists such as Dalí and Buñuel. The title of Kooiker’s new publication, The Rumour, is a nod to Moesman’s famous painting The Rumour that was missing in the exhibition The Tears of Eros in Centraal Museum in Utrecht this summer. The series of works in the publication was (with the support of the Mondrian Foundation) especially made for this show that was focussing on the Utrecht surrealist artist Moesman.

Edition of 700 copies, including signed and numbered print

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40p, 33 x 24 cm,
€ 65