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tegenboschvanvreden is a contemporary art gallery, situated in the centre of Amsterdam. The gallery represents a group of eighteen international artists. In our view the gallery has no fixed formula; it is a distinctly dynamic platform which constantly requires the revision of conceptual points of departure. Since the gallery's inception we have been striving to realize specific projects and collaborations with tegenboschvanvreden. The gallery functions, ideally speaking, as a 'laboratory for new ideas'.

We opened our gallery in 2009. We have developed a program involving exhibitions with young, international artists who work in various media. Most of the artists have a research–based practice. In addition to the exhibition program there is a side program of lectures, screenings, performances and book presentations. tegenboschvanvreden takes part in national as well as international art fairs.

tegenboschvanvreden complies with the Gallery Fair Practice Code

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