Más allá
Fernando Sánchez Castillo
Publisher: Revolver
ISBN: 9783957633255

Fernando Sánchez Castillo investigates the relationships between history and politics, art and power, public space and collective memory, and their manifestations in the form of monuments. He is among the foremost Spanish contemporary artists and one of the rare ones to attempt to come to terms with Spains recent history.
On occasion of the two exhibitions Monuments and Other Coincidences, celebrated 2014 at the OK Center for Contemporary Art in Linz (Austria) and Más allá (Beyond), held at the CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Móstoles (Spain) 2015/2016, two different, yet transversal, aspects of this artist`s body of work are highlighted.With contributions from Ferrán Barenblit, Catherine Grenier, Javier Hontoria, Gerardo Mosquera, Genoveva Rückert.

250p, 22x17 cm, English/Spanish