I had to think of you / Ich musste an dich denken
Ana Navas
Publisher: Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen/Bom Dia Books
ISBN: 9783943514926

Ana Navas explores the border between design and art. Playfully, she tries to track down the mechanisms of how design affects our consumption of goods and investigate the essence of the possibilities to assimilate art in a context-free environment.

The catalogue published on the occasion of the first institutional exhibition by Ana Navas at Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen continues her artistic research, which deals with phenomena such as memory, translation, interpretation and authorship and documents a wide exchange of images and ideas. A collection of photographs the artist received from friends and acquaintances provides an insight into how her work is influenced and understood by others under the motto ‘I had to think of you’.

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120p, 19x22 cm, English/German
€ 25