Anna Ostoya
Anna Ostoya
Publisher: Zachęta — National Gallery of Art
ISBN: 9788364714696

A work published on the occasion of the frst institutional and review exhibition of Anna Ostoya’s works in Poland, which took place at Zachęta at 
the turn of 2017 and 2018. It includes texts by Maria Brewińska, Jef Dolven, Paulina Pobocha and Jovana Stokic, interpreting the work of this Polish 
artist living in New York, the author of paintings and collages referring to modernist and postmodernist narratives and practices. The labyrinthine character of Ostoya’s works hides a journey through time and space that touches upon the issues of history, the art market, economy, feminism and ‘masculine power’. 
The publication is illustrated with photographs from the Zachęta exhibition, as well as reproductions of allthe presented works.

136p, English/Polish
€ 15