ON DEMAND 2, installation view
ON DEMAND 2, installation view
ON DEMAND 2, installation view
Shahryar Nashat
Andrea Büttner
Little Works, 2007
video, 10’45’’
Claire Hooper
NYX, 2010
video, 22’
Florian & Michael Quistrebert
Ex Futuro, 2010
video, black and white, no sound, 7'06''
Dina Danish
Chaliff Dance, 2007
video, 6'17"
L.A. Raeven
A Dream, 2010
video, black and white, sound, 7’ loop
Wojciech Bąkowski
The Wall, 2010
video, 5’21’’

What is the meaning of video art nowadays? Which are the possible ways of presenting video art? What is the relationship between video art and film? What does video art mean for the other visual media? What is the stance taken by video art, or media art in general, with respect to today’s concern for ‘open source’ access, for You Tube, Twittering and blogging, for social networks and interactivity?

In collaboration with a group of seven other international galleries tegenboschvanvreden organises from 3 March through to 7 April the exhibition ON DEMAND 2, including work by Wojciech Bakowski, Johanna Billing, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen, Andrea Büttner, Yves Coussement, Dina Danish, Rebecca Digne, Rein Dufait, Claire Hooper, Allison Hrabluik, Michael Jones, Kirschner & Panos, Cristina Lucas, Shana Moulton, Shahryar Nashat, Maria Pask, Florian & Michael Quistrebert, L.A. Raeven, Mateusz Sadowski, Fernando Sánchez Castillo and Dennis Tyfus.

ON DEMAND 2 is a sequel to the first presentation (in 2010) in a series of exhibitions focusing on the phenomenon of video and film in art. ON DEMAND has developed from the idea that, although the moving image has now acquired a substantial position in the art world, a large segment of the public has many questions about how to ‘deal with’ the moving image. Visitors to the exhibition can make their own selections from a wide variety of individual artworks, after which this choice will be displayed on a large screen.

Throughout ON DEMAND 2, several lectures will be given by specialists in the field of video art, who will draw attention to the significance of video art today. By way of this exhibition, tegenboschvanvreden strives to achieve collaborative projects with other galleries.

For ON DEMAND 2 we invited seven galleries to select a number of video works by artists from their own galleries, and to show these in conjunction with the work being presented at tegenboschvanvreden. We would therefore like to thank Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Galerie Crèvecoeur, Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art, Hollybush Gardens, Silberkuppe, Galeria Stereo, and Gallery Tatjana Pieters for their contributions to this exhibition!


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03/03/2012 - 07/04/2012
  • Wojciech Bakowski
  • Johanna Billing
  • Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz
  • Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen
  • Andrea Büttner
  • Yves Coussement
  • Dina Danish
  • Rebecca Digne
  • Rein Dufait
  • Claire Hooper
  • Allison Hrabluik
  • Michael Jones
  • Kirschner & Panos
  • Cristina Lucas
  • Shana Moulton
  • Shahryar Nashat
  • Maria Pask
  • Florian & Michael Quistrebert
  • L.A. Raeven
  • Mateusz Sadowski
  • Fernando Sánchez Castillo
  • Dennis Tyfus