Contemporary Art.  Share Moments. Share Life.  In Retrospect.
Daniëlle van Ark
Publisher: Dark Editions #1
ISBN: 9871649999979

A publication consisting of three single booklets with a photographic series: Contemporary Art. Share Moments. Share Life. and In Retrospect.

The works in the series are all created with the same photographic method: Van Ark teared out pages from catalogues and magazines, put them on a lightbox and photographed them with a large format analogue camera. By exposing the images of both sides of one page, the images morphed organically into one image.

The result is a morphing of different worlds, artworks and advertisements. Each booklet shows another photographic series. The source material for the Contemporary Art series came from the catalogues of auction houses.
In Retrospect shows decorative art morphing with ancient art from the catalogues of the Tefaf art fair catalogues. And Share Moments. Share Life. is taken from the pages of Life magazine and American Photo. This series shows the way photography brands marketed their camera over the years to the masses.

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27.5 x 21 cm,
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