Elise ‘t Hart – Between Self and Other, 2021


Elise ‘t Hart
Between Self and Other
, 2021
soundwork (stereo)

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Where a constant buzz once surrounded us – in restaurants, museums, waiting rooms and entrance halls – it is now silent. Do we long to hear, before a concert starts, that muffled cough and the voices of strangers again, or can we no longer do without today’s silence? Elise ‘t Hart created the sound work Between Self and Other specially for the exhibition ON DEMAND 4: Between Self and Other. She takes us back to the stifling crowds while there isn’t a soul in sight.

Elise ’t Hart (1991, Netherlands) is a sound artist who combines music, sound and visual art. By recording sound and manipulating it, copying it, describing and portraying it she makes us aware of the sound around us, thus making the unseen seen. Elise ‘t Hart systematically began to record commonplace ambient sounds and, to that end, established the Instituut voor Huisgeluid (Institute for Household Sound): a growing collection and documentation of sounds experienced in the home, such creaking floorboards, a rumbling fridge and the knocking sound of pipes heating up.