Oceanic Feelings

In a new series of works Anna Ostoya focuses on the human body. She painted and transformed the outlines of her own and her model’s body into abstract formations reminiscent of corals, cloths, celestial objects or internal organs. Most body parts become unrecognizable. On some canvases, hands, still recognizable, seem to touch and to penetrate the painted forms and the surface of the canvas itself. The vivid colors and the soft handling of paint add to an atmosphere of mystery. 

The paintings are an attempt to paint a human body, a body that feels, and is felt, as if in a state of wonder about, and oneness with, itself and the world. Such a state would allow freedom from definition and categorization for sex, race, or age. Desire for exploration beyond the horizon of what is already known has been an ongoing subject of the artist work, manifested in various series.

22/11/2019 - 04/01/2020